I Rejected Marriage Proposal Because It Came Without A Car – Olive Utalor

Nollywood actress, Olive Utalor explains in a new interview her reason for rejecting a marriage proposal.

The actress who recently rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal explained that she did so because it came without a car.

It was reported that her boyfriend who is a civil servant was devastated by this rejection. However, when  Potpourri reached her to find out why she rejected him, Olive Utalor explained that his proposal came without a car.

On my birthday last year he promised me a car and now he wants me, Olive Utalor to get married to him without a car, it’s not proper. I don’t care if he has supported me through school. I can’t be trekking under the sun when I am somebody ‘s wife. He should go and look for his class.” the actress said.

Although acknowledging that he has been of tremendous help to her through her education, the actress proclaimed still that he’s not the right man for her.

“I can’t pretend that he is right for me. Yes, he saw me through the early stages of my tertiary education but that doesn’t mean we are right for each other. If he cannot get me a car there can be marriage. I’m not being callous, I’m just being true to myself,” she told  Potpourri.

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