“Nigerian System Turned Virologists, Microbiologists Into Tailors and Chefs” – Seun Kuti

Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has shared his thoughts about how the Nigeria system has pushed several Nigerian graduates into taking up careers not related to what they studied in the university.

The singer wrote on his Instagram page; “When you are proud to allow ur lawyers make ur shoes. Doctors sewing cloths, scientist planning events and you tell everyone how you are ‘leading a nation’. Shame shame shame.

He added;

“Where are the Nigerian microbiologist? Where are the Nigerian virologists? We’ve graduated thousands of them from the universities but the Nigerian system has sent them to Events planning, Chefs, Bakers, Fashion Designers… this is the Nigeria we have created.”

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The saxophonist added that the Coronavirus pandemic is a “wakeup call that we need to start reassessing what value is in the world today.”

Seun Kuti

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