See The LGA With Highest COVID-19 Case in Lagos

The Lagos State Government has given an update on the fight against COVID-19 and thereby released some statistics that showed the number of cases in each local government of the state as this morning.

In the data released by the commissioner of Health, Prof. Ajayi Abayomi, Lagos Mainland has the highest coronavirus cases in the State.

Lagos has been opening some new facilities, decentralizing sample collection locations to increase the efficiency and functionality of Lagos State COVID-19 Response.

Although there was a global shortage of reagents that affected the rate of testing in Lagos State, it was later rectified and the level of testing increased. Lagos now has above a 100 positive cases per day.

“Lagos State haven’t reached the peak of its outbreak. However, it is suspected this will happen sometime in July or August, therefore the government is preparing and increasing its capacity and strategies to deal with the situation.

“The graph showed where Lagos State is and where it will be if it hasn’t put in place its strategies there would have been more cases about 250 positive COVID-19 cases daily as of a few weeks ago,” part of the report reads.

On the intervention put in place, he noted that the state started a month before the index case and activated the Incident Command System.There was also active case searching aimed at trying to identify cases imported through the Airport, Identification of contact of positive cases to ensure they are isolated etc.

“As a result of these strategies the State have been able to keep its graph relatively flat. At this point in time, the government of Lagos introduced lockdown as a federal directives and then started its active case search. The increase of cases seen is as a result of decentralizing of its sample locations to 20 local governments, so Lagosians can have improved access to testing if they meet the case definition for #COVID19.

“As the lockdown was imposed Lagos increased its testing strategy. As of today we have about 1491 positive cases.”

He also revealed that the state has diagnosed just over 1507, discharged 422,  and has 1037 active cases. So far, IT has also recorded 33 deaths related to COVID-19.

In the age distribution, it shows that most of the COVID-19 cases are between the age of 20 and 60 and majority of the patients do not demonstrate any significant symptoms.

Separating the symptoms into mild, moderate and severe, the stat shows that about 97% of cases are exhibiting either asymptomatic, mild or moderate disease with only very few less than 3% are Severe to critical.

See the pictures of the data below.


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