“The Lack of Women’s Right In Nigeria is Sickening” – Ubi Franklin’s South African Baby Mama Says

Nicola Siyo, a South African woman and baby mama of music executive, Ubi Franklin has said there is a lack of women’s right in Nigeria and it’s “sickening”.

Ubi Franklin’s Baby Mama
Nicola Siyo
Nicola Siyo said she has spent two years in Nigeria and stated that the country lacks women’s right. She said this in reply to a Chimamanda Adichie’s Instagram post on International Women’s Day pointing out how women characteristics are judged differently from men.
In response, Nicola Siyo wrote; “I understand exactly where she is coming from. I spent 2 years in her Homeland Nigeria, sickening the lack of women’s rights. You are called all sorts of names because you stand for your name… as a woman.”
Ubi Franklin’s Baby Mama

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