Three Policemen Sentenced To Death by Hanging For Abducting a Deaconess In Akwa Ibom State

Three policemen and four other people have been sentenced to death by hanging by an Akwa Ibom High Court for abducting a woman identified as Deaconess Ime Ekanem in the year 2012.

The convicted set of people who were sentenced to death by hanging were arraigned in court by the police after being arrested while trying to collect a ransom of N1.8 million from the victim after the crime had been perpetuated.

In reference to the court papers, the defendants are identified as Cpl Emmanuel Charlie, Ekaette Moses, Fidelis Jeremiah, Cpl Bassey Sunday (377812), PC Mfon Bassey (478463), Ndu Johnny, Unyime Etukakpan, and Itohowo Akpakwa, respectively.

In depth report has it that the victim was dragged out of the Toyota Sienna car driven by her husband, in front of the family house at about 6.30 pm and went away in a Volvo Wagon car to Afaha Udoeyop in Ibesikpo Asutan council area, where she was kept hostage, under armed guard, in an enclosed building.

In addition, the Police were informed about the incident and during the cause of investigations, the abductors contacted the family of the kidnapped for a ransom of N20 million.

After many conversations between the 2 parties, the ransom was reduced to N1.8 million which was to be paid in two installments.

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Meanwhile, when the ransom money was to be delivered up to the kidnappers, SCID officers, who were in mufti, were surprised to find out that the first two persons who approached the Afaha Ibesikpo Market square venue for the ransom delivery, were also SCID operatives.

While the Presiding Judge, Justice Joy Unwana, delivered her judgement, she said:

“The decision of the court to pass the death sentence is in tandem with the anti-kidnapping law of Akwa Ibom State. It is a loud statement to the country that the crime of kidnapping is a grievous offence in the state and punishable by death. I hope it will discourage those planning to engage in the crime to steer clear off Akwa Ibom.”

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