Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Mandarin 2020

YouTube offers an unlimited learning resources which are of great immense to personal growth and development. According to a study carried out by Paul Sulzberger, a PhD graduate of Victoria University, listening to a language is one of the effective ways of learning it. Hence, the need to listen to podcast, watch YouTube channels, TV or movies. YouTube channels allows you to watch short, video clips at your own convenience. Without further ado, here are 10 binge-worthy YouTube channels to get you started in improving your Mandarin skills.

1. Yoyo Chinese

Are you looking to start your Mandarin classes? Yo-yo Chinese is a great starter for you.

Yoyo Chinese is a popular Chinese learning channel founded by Yangyang Cheng, a former TV host.

Each video gives concise lessons that articulate important aspect of the Mandarin language-learning process, such as pinyin pronunciation, tone-pairs, and everyday phrases.

Yoyo Chinese covers a wide range of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture.

The channel features ” Interviews with Chinese Locals” and recordings of live Google Plus Hangouts with Yangyang.

2. Learn Chinese now

Hosted by Ben Hedges, a non-native Chinese speaker, Learn Chinese now is an awesome YouTube channel which offers amusing, innovative videos for beginners and advanced Chinese students.

The learning channel spans across advanced vocabulary, politics and news.

Besides that, it provides cooking and fun videos which you can share with your friends who’s interested in learning Chinese language and culture.

3. Chinesepod

Having over 4,000 videos and audio lessons, Chinesepod is a renowned website for learning Mandarin.

The YouTube channel shares just clips of the content. You’ll have to sign up to get full access to all the materials.

One distinct feature of Chinesepod is that there’s an array of quality content for all levels, be it beginners or intermediate learners.

The videos features a team of bilingual Chinese-American teachers who bridge the gap between the two cultures really well and understand the needs of non-Chinese students.


Are you a classroom buff? If you prefer the classroom-style education, then ChineseFor. us is for you.

The channel offers pronunciation, characters, and a how-to-say series. Videos are targeted at beginners and intermediate level-learners.

ChineseFor.Us incorporates HSK levels in testing Chinese proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

5. Learn Chinese with Litao

This YouTube channel is suitable for beginners who would like to build a strong and firm foundation in Mandarin.

The videos are mostly HSK based. For starters, begin with the Chinese pronunciation series to learn Chinese pinyin, including the basics, finals, and tones.

6. ChineseClass 101

Do you want to learn Chinese within a short time? ChineseClass 101 is your go-to channel.

This is one of the long-established Chinese learning channels on YouTube.

Featuring web series like “Learn Chinese Holidays and Learn Chinese with Pictures“, this channel spice up learning with short interactive quiz and activities.

7. Chinese Zero to Hero

Just like other channels, Chinese Zero to Hero is a HSK based YouTube channel which cuts across all levels.

This channel features two Chinese men expounding grammar points in accordance with the HSK requirements.

Compared to other channels, they offer interesting content for intermediate and advanced learners.

8. Mandarin Corner

This channel features diverse topics ranging from HSK, vocabulary, reading and grammar with minimal usage of spoken English to create an immersive experience.

Mandarin Corner is targeted at upper beginner and intermediate-level students. It has unique features like podcasts and stories narrated in slow Chinese.

The learning resource utilises an innovative and personal approach to online learning.

9. Chinese Corner

Peaking at number 9 is Chinese corner, a YouTube channel which is a collection of video lessons culled from the internet.

Consisting of a 10-part series, “Real Chinese” which was first aired on the BBC Learning Zone.

Most of the videos are focused on novices, a few others at intermediate and advanced learners.

Another video series, “Happy Chinese” is a blend of cartoons and situation comedy. The videos are mostly subtitled in English and Chinese to aid students learning.

10. Hanbridge Mandarin

Hanbridge Mandarin offers both online lessons and physical classes in Shenzhen, a Chinese city not far from Hong Kong.

The YouTube channel is centered on Business Chinese, HSK test preparation and slang.

To gain access to their full courses, you’ll need to pay a certain amount.

There’s a wide range of short video lessons and fun clips that instruct learners through dialogue, song and associative memory exercises.

The teachers are native Chinese speakers who possess a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL).

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