2019 Presidential Election: EU not in Nigeria to choose a leader

– Ambassador Ketil Karlsen said the EU is not in Nigeria to choose a leader

– He disclosed that the reason for the presence of the EU delegation in Nigeria was to see a free and fair election take place

The Head of the European Union Delegation to Nigeria, Ambassador Ketil Karlsen in a new statement has revealed the motive of the Union in the forthcoming election in Nigeria.

Ambassador Ketil Karlsen disclosed that the EU is not in Nigeria to select a leader for the country, he, however, disclosed that the body is in Nigeria to see to it that the election is free and fair.

He made this known during his visit to Bayelsa state where he met with Gov. Seriake Dickson.

Ambassador Ketil Karlsen emphasized on the stance that the EU doesn’t have a preferred candidate for the Presidential Election slated to take place on the 16th of Feb, 2019.

Ketil Karlsen in his statement said, “And that is why we reiterate again and again that for the EU and the international community at large, we are not here to select the leadership of Nigeria. That cannot be and should not be our aspiration.

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“Our only desire is to see to a fair process of the election in this country because that is what is providing that legitimacy of the democratically elected government, whether at the federal or state level.”

The Ambassador disclosed that Nigeria sent a strong message to the Africa and the rest of the world following the outcome of the 2015 Presidential election which proved the Democratic stand of the country.

In the 2015 Presidential election, former Pres. Good luck Ebele Jonathan called Pres. Buhari on phone to congratulate the latter over his victory in the polls.

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