35 Beautiful Beaded Hairstyles to Inspire You

One protective style that has taken the hair world by storm is braids and beads. Beaded hairstyles are perfect hairstyles that make bold and stylish statements. Beads can easily upgrade the look of hairstyles like twists and locks. Whether you are rocking cornrows, box braids, or a mixture of both, beads are the perfect addition to your hair.

For some little inspiration, here’s a list of beaded hairstyles that’ll make you stand out.

beaded cornrows

We love this bold look. You can recreate this look with any colour. Try something bright! You can add beads that co-ordinate with the colour.


tribal braid

Glam beaded braids

Glam up your look with this style. Beautiful hairstyle for summer

Ugandan hair

Stun in beaded cornrows

bantu and weaving

Bantu knots and beads

Stylish and trendy hairstyle. For that ultimate look, wear this.

beaded cornrows

Braided topknot with beads hanging around the base

We love this, do you?

Ghanaweaving with curve cutting

Cuff and ombre braids- Hair goals!!!

Tanzania weaving hairstyle

Simple hairdo! Front braids adorned with gold cuffs

african old skool hair

Beautiful Fulani braids

bead weaving

The patterns in the cornrows are indeed beautiful. Fun style for girls.

beaded kids hair

Feast your eyes on this dope hairstyle. Such creativity!

beaded hairstyles

Beaded hair for toddlers

beaded african hair

Beaded bangs

Bangs are the new cool. Have fun by making use of various bead sizes and cowry shells

Kiddies cornrows

Braids for that festive mood

beaded cornrows

Braided topknot with ponytail

Beautiful hairstyle for your little one.

beaded african hair

Curvy cornrows with beaded ends

Nigerian hairstyles

Curvy braids with twisted ponytail

african cornrows

Straight-back cornrows jazzed up by colourful beads

An array of colours look effortlessly cool.

natural hairstyle

Half up half down bun with braided sides

Simply amazing!

stunning cornrow for kids

Heart-shaped braids and corn rows for your little girl

Creative and colourful!

criss cross cornrows

Criss- cross braids with beaded sides

beaded cornrows

Bob braids with bangs

Beautiful and classy! An ideal everyday look.

beaded cornrows

Cool cornrows for that fabulous look

beaded cornrows

Let three braids extend across your forehead to get a delicate crown effect

weaving hairstyle

All over braided hairstyle

You can display your makeup skills with this understated yet beautiful look.

beaded cornrows

You’ll love this beaded braids with bangs

beaded hairstyles

Geometric braids with beaded ends

This cutie look so stylish!

african queen hair

Bold beaded look

Each braid is decorated with stunning wooden beads of different colours. Make some hair statement with this style.

kids hair with beads

Beaded hair

See how lovely the hair looks with different bead colours

straight back weaving

Beaded hairstyle being made


Another braided ponytail with beaded ends


Double bun beaded braids for your little girl


Look natural and beautiful with accessorized braids with afro

Cute hair idea for the season.

Cameron Hairstyle

Modern and chic

beaded cornrows

Simple and beautiful braids

beaded cornrows

Little girl showing off her hair

fulani braids

Stylish braids with statement beads

Mid-length braids accessorized with bright braids. You can recreate this or try using beads in different colours.

beaded cornrows

Beaded braids in bob form. This hair combines cowries and plastic beads.

very unique nigerian hair

Geometric braids with perfect edges look so fine. Placement of beads make the hairstyle lovely and inspiring.

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