“Angela Okorie Was Attacked Because She Was Having An Affair With A Man And His Wife” – Lady claims

Different narratives have been flying on social media following the revelation that actress Angela Okorie was attacked in her car by gunmen.

According to the actress, the attack went on for 30 minutes and 12 bullet pellets were found on her after she was rushed to the hospital.

While someone claim there are loopholes in her story, another claimed that the attack never happened.

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However, a Nigerian socialite, Ify Okoye claimed the actress was attacked because she was having an affair with a married man.

She wrote;

If I ever address any Nigerian actress as “Ashawo” here and you come after me. Not even your horse hair would save you from the shlap you would receive from me. Angela caused her death…ohhh sorry! Her attack.

“She refused to leave the woman’s home in peace and the poor woman had no choice but to warn her by shaking her wig. Ordinary wig shaking and she’s crying. SINGLE LADIES LEAVE MARRIED MEN ALONE!!!!”

Another social media user identified as Ifeoluwa collaborated Ify Okoye’s story saying the actress was having an affair with both wife and husband.

She wrote;

“Desperation! Everyone want to drive Gwagon & live in lekki. She was actually sleeping with both husband & wife. Husband reside in 9ja, wife in America. Wife found out & got angry. Then they quarrel. Angela started blackmailing them unknown to each other.

“Husband paid $20,000 & wife $10,000. After warning Angela to stay away from her home, Angela refused so wife sent thugs to beat her, the mission was to blind her. Don’t ask me how I know cos I have an insider in d house of d very high profile couple. You won’t believe who they are.”

Angela Okorie Angela Okorie

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