Manchester United Player Earnings After 25 Percent Wage Cut Due To Failure To Make Champions League Football

Manchester United players would have their wages cut by 25% having failed to secure a place in next season’s Champions League competition.

Missing out on the Champions League could prove to be costly in terms of revenue for a club of Manchester United’s stature.

Arsenal’s operating profits fell by a gargantuan 60% when they failed to qualify for Europe’s most elite competition.

The Gunners played in the Europa league where the broadcasting and commercial revenues are only a fraction of what obtains in the Champions League leading to that considerable drop in their profits and overall revenue.

United might now suffer the same fate and have now taken a drastic measure to avoid such drop in revenues.

According to a report by DailyMail in April, all new contracts signed in Old Trafford had a clause in them that showed that players would lose 25% of their wages if the team failed to make Champions league qualification.

Two wins from the last 11 outings since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed manager on a permanent basis seen the United slip to 6th-place and ultimately ended all hopes of the club making Champions League football come next season.

Now that their Europa league football has been confirmed, a number of players will have their pockets taking massive hits and here’s a list of the wages the club’s highest owners take home and what it would be after the 25% cut.

Alexis Sanchez

Weekly Wage: £500,000
Wage after 25% cut: £375,000

Paul Pogba

Weekly Wage: £300,000
Wage after 25% cut: £225,000

Romelu Lukaku

Weekly Wage: £250,000
Wage after 25% cut: £187,000

David de Gea

Weekly Wage: £200,000
Wage after 25% cut: £150,000


Weekly Wage: £175,000
Wage after 25% cut: £131,000

Paul Pogba will also lose out on a £1.875 million that accrues to him each year Manchester United qualify for the Champions League.

The club’s kit deal with Adidas will also be reduced by 30 percent if the club fails to make Chnapions league football for two consecutive seasons.

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