Please send me back my money, white man begs yahoo boys after he was defrauded

A young Nigerian man has reacted to a viral video of a white man crying and begging Yahoo Boys to return his money back to him.

In the video which has now gone viral, the white man begged the yahoo boys who defrauded him of his life savings.

He said, “Please send me back my money”.

The Nigerian man, King Obey, who made a fun video to reply the defrauded man said, “Oyinbo we can’t send you back your money we have used your money to buy benz.”

“Please I’m begging you, send me my money back. My mummy wouldn’t even talk to me. Please, please I’m begging you.” – the Oyinbo man cried on!!!

But the Nigerian upcoming artist, KingObey Dextiny Mr JLT just mocked on the white man and said they can’t return the money as they have used it to buy benz.

Watch the video below…

Read reactions of Nigerians who didn’t find the joke funny:

And more reactions…

Some more reactions…



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