Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn German 2020

YouTube is a great platform to learn German. Just like podcasts, YouTube channels are great addtion to your study routine. Integrating YouTube videos into your routine can make learning more fun and interesting. Not only do you get to learn German, you’ll have an indepth knowledge of the German culture and lifestyle. To aid your learning, we’ve compiled list of 10 YouTube channels to learn German. Check them out and go for the one that best suit you.

1. Lingoni German

Lingoni German formerly known as “German with Jenny” is one of the fast-growing German learning channels on YouTube. The channel covers a range of topics suitable for students from A1 – C2 levels. With over 610,000 subscribers and millions of view on the YouTube channel, Lingoni German offers comprehensive playlists of about 450 videos targeted at beginners and intermediate learners.

Most of her videos are free but to gain access to flashcards, worksheets, and other materials, you’ll need to subscribe to her website. She performs grammar lessons, listening comprehension videos and lessons that focuses on the usage of a single phrase or verb in certain situations.

Her deliberate teaching style and clear explanations with numerous examples will help your language learning.

2. Learn German with Anja

Another popular YouTube channel for learning German is Learn German with Anja. The videos which are a mix of languages, English and German focuses on beginner and intermediate grammar and vocabulary topics. This channel is recommended for people just starting out with German.

The creator often takes her viewers along on her adventures while teaching them a new language. In slow, clear German, Anja gives useful German vocabulary or grammatical explanations with immediate feedback in English.

With over 636,000 subscribers, Learn German with Anja helps you learn German in an easy and entertaining way. Are you tired of German teachers who makes the whole learning process an arduous task? Learn German with Anja makes learning German pleasurable.

3. Learn German with Herr Antrim

Are you looking for a fun approach to learning German with English-based instructions? Learn with Herr Antrim is your go-to channel. Shot by puppets, this entertaining channel explain key grammar topics in German with English subtitles.

The nerdy German teacher regularly publish content mostly for beginners and intermediate learners. The series is shot in various locations like the host’s living room, kitchen and outdoor spaces. Sometimes his daughter features in the videos.

4. Deutsch mit Marija (German with Marija)

Deutsch mit Marija is a YouTube channel owned by Marija, a Latvian-turned-German tutor who provides an interactive experience and interesting perspective for intermediate and advanced students.

From tackling German grammar points and vocabulary explanations to lifestyle topics such as work, learning and productivity, Deutsch mit Marija is your best option to learn German while improving on your self.

5. Get Germanized

Get Germanized is an unconventional YouTube channel created by a native German speaker whose original aim of starting the channel was to improve on his English.

What started as a self development scheme has evolved into a community. Do you want to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the German culture while you learn the language? This is the perfect one for you.

6. Deutsch für Euch (German for you)

With 218,000 subscribers, Deutsch für Euch has an array of well structured lessons for beginners. The popular channel which was launched in 2013 is hosted by a goofy lady who makes the lesson interactive and fun. Deutsch für Euch covers a wide range of topics including German greetings, irregular verbs and pronunciation.

7. Deutsch Mit Julia

Kick start or increase your knowledge base of German language with Deutsch Mit Julia. The YouTube channel is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. The videos are usually short dialogues between many characters.

There’s also the business segment called “Business German,” which is suitable for students who are aiming to live and work in Germany and want to learn the relevant business standard.

8. Don’t trust the Rabbit

Don’t trust the Rabbit is anchored by Hamburg native, Trixie. It is an ideal channel for students who wants to learn the nuances of German accents.

The channel offers a fun, sweet and cheeky approach to learning German language, society and culture.

9. Easy German

A member of the Easy languages family, Easy German is a channel typical for its “man-on-the-street” interviews. In the videos, the anchors, Cari and Janusz go on the streets asking people questions about their daily life.

Each video is subtitled in English and German. Do you want to learn how to converse in German, expand your vocabulary and increase your listening comprehension? Easy German is just the right one for you.

10. Germanpod101

Fast, fun and easy. That’s the experience you get from the German language channel. Germanpod101 sure lives up to its aim. This is a subscription based site which comprises of over 1,000 audio and video lessons,
flashcards, transcripts etc.

The videos are categorized into segments like Learn German Holidays,” “German in Three Minutes” and “German Listening Practice.” As a member of the community, you’ll have access to both the lessons and learning materials.

Also, you’ll have the opportunity of working with interactive learning tools like SRS flashcards, PDF downloads, community forums and an app for on-the-go learning. You should try it out.

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