Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn IELTS

From makeup to language learning to real estate, there’s a whole lots of things to learn on YouTube. With the numerous sources available for IELTS test preparation, YouTube tops them all. YouTube channels has been proven to be more effective than classroom teaching.

International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an English language proficiency test which measures language skills of non-native English speakers. Yes, books can help in acquiring the much needed skills but YouTube is the best platform to prepare yourself for IELTS test.

Here’s a collection of YouTube channels which will help improve your English and pass IELTS.

1. Learn English

Run by the British Council, Learn English offers valuable insights and skills needed to ace your IELTS test.

If you want to improve your reading test score, you can search videos on IELTS reading on this channel.

Besides the reading skill, this learning platform also provides the needed training required to enhance your speaking skills with regards to pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

Learn English features interactive videos which focuses on how the test is conducted and how to pass it.

2. IELTS Official

This channel is an initiative of the official IELTS Organization. The learning resource has an array of short excellent videos including recorded Facebook Live sessions.

The videos are often short, lasting less than a minute and are quite informative with learning skills.

3. IDP Education

This channel is run by IDP ( International Development Program), one of the three organisations that oversee the IELTS test.

With over 100 offices in 31 countries and 550 counsellors, IDP offers student placement in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Ireland and Canada.

As a bona-fide organization concerned with IELTS, be sure to get high quality content, materials and video tips on their YouTube channel.

With this channel, the probability of excelling in your IELTS test is sure. The short video lessons gives concise information needed for your test preparation.

4. IELTS Liz

This YouTube channel is a treasure trove of resources which will be of benefit to you.

On this channel, you can enrich your IELTS speaking techniques, learn how to answer questions, important vocabulary for speaking test parts (part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the speaking test).

You can also increase your knowledge base of IELTS Writing Task 1 for line graphs, tables, bar charts, pie charts, diagrams and maps.

IELTS helps you gain mastery of writing an academic report. You can never go wrong with this channel as it provides tidbits in succeeding in your test.

The audio clips contains essential lessons, exercises and tips which will help you in your IELTS listening test.

There’s a broad range of videos on this channel which enables you learn vocabulary, expressions and grammar.

To gain full access to all videos, you’ll need to subscribe to premium membership.

5. IELTS Advantage

Next on the list is IELTS advantage, another YouTube channel effective in improving your test score in the IELTS test.

This channel provides concise videos on question types, success stories and recounted experiences of successful candidates who attained high test scores in their IELTS test.

6. Learn English with Emma (engVid)

Do you want to improve your grammar skills? This is your go-to channel.

This channel aims at teaching learners on the different basics of Grammar and IELTS test preparation.

7. World of English exams

This channel do not only provide comprehensive videos on question types, it also give examples culled from the Cambridge past questions.

It also broadens your knowledge on how to crack IELTS test. Each of the four parts of the test are singly explained in the video lessons.

The videos on the reading and writing sections are mostly viewed on the channel.

8. E2

Having over 702,000 subscribers, there’s no doubt that this channel offers awesome features and quality content for learning.

Taking the IELTS General or IELTS academics? Or do you need help with IELTS reading, writing or listening? E2 is your best choice.

9. Magoosh IELTS

Magoosh IELTS provides video lessons on test preparation, vocabulary, grammar elements and strategies to passing listening and reading test.

10. IELTS Ninja

This YouTube channel is full of IELTS learning materials. There’s an extensive playlist which explains different segments of IELTS, how to write an essay, how to pass your listening test etc.

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