15 Ingenious Ways to Spark Up Your Love Life

Has your relationship been going through a lull of recent? Have you been looking for ways to spice things up? Or are you just tired of the same ol’ routine and activities? It is only natural for things to phase out between couples after they have been together for a while.

Whether you’re trying to work out some issues, or you’re just longing to experience that spark that was there when you firstly started dating, here are 15 ingenious ways you can spark up your love life!

Write Down Fantasies

A creative way couples can put the spark back into their love life is by writing down their fantasies on pieces of paper.  Each of you gets 12 small pieces of paper and on each, scribble down 12 things that you would like to do to spice things up. (Your partner will not see what you have written down). Fold up the papers and put them in different jars. Once a month, on different days, you each draw a piece of paper and do what’s in the journal. When you do what your partner suggests, he/she will feel like you’re going out of your way to meet their needs.

Take Things Outside

Getting sneaky and intimate in random places could be both fun and adventurous for both of you. When you get naughty with each other in areas like the parking lot of malls or movies, this will sure spruce things up, especially because of the little “risk” involved.

Plan A Getaway

If it seems as if the love has been lacking lately, maybe one big night of steamy romance is exactly what you need. This is the time to save up and plan a few nights away with your lover at an exclusive location. When you return, you will see that asides from feeling refreshed, your love live will also be revitalized.

Reminiscence On Old Times

Nothing is sexier than remembering why you fell in love with each other in the first place. By going back to the old days, you can reignite chemistry. Look for aspects of your partner that you first admired. This is more of a mental activity and should be done when you are alone. Think about the kind of dating behaviour that you were involved in when you first met the fun activities you did and even the banter that brought you closer.

When you diligently do this activity at a time you are away from your partner, you will see that you will begin to miss them and will look at them differently when next you see. By looking at your partner through fresh eyes, you’ll see them with a new appreciation that will reignite a spark.

Create His And Hers Nights

This challenge could be so much fun for couples if adhered to and done the right way. His and hers nights are simple. This is how it works: each of you will choose one day in a week where the couple both do what each person wants. Activities can range from choice of places to go, indoor games, what to eat, programmes to watch, etc. One evening a week is for him, while one night a week is for her. This way each of you feels as if their needs are met, and in return will go out of their way to make things fun for the other person on that person’s night because they know it will be reciprocated.

Play Match-The-Dice Game

This one is a favourite for couples not only wanting to spice up their love life, but also their sex life. Get two dice of different colours, and write on a sheet of paper what each dice means. One dice represents Actions: Choose six actions, like kiss, stroke, etc., and assign each activity a number between 1-6.

Another dice represents parts of the body. Choose six body parts and assign them to numbers 1-6. Then you each take turns throwing the dice, and doing whatever combination comes up! You can make the game as adventurous or as tame as you want by varying the actions or body parts. Make sure you give enough time like at least a minute to each task.

Create A Super Romantic Experience

Go the whole nine yards in creating a romantic setting at home. Buy candles, rose petals, sensual oils, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate syrup and maybe even a blindfold if you want things to get a little kinky. The setting has a lot to do with affecting your mood, and when you spend quality time in a romantic setting, things are sure to heat up.

Have A Seafood Feast

For centuries, seafood has been known as an aphrodisiac. Most seafood are rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of pleasure hormones. Indulging in seafood together is an amazing way to bond and enliven your relationship.

Take Out Time To Discuss Your Issues

There is no relationship that doesn’t have its ups and downs every once in a while.  If a problem is swept under the carpet and not faced head on, when new challenges arise, they will pile up and eventually lead to an explosion. When you talk about your issues, it makes you have deep conversation and bond more.

Go On A Double Date

If you people have been dating/married for years, you are bound to get very used to each other. A way to put the spark back into your relationship is to go on a double date with another couple who are close friends. It could be a dinner in either’s home or out at a restaurant. The important thing is that you choose a comfortable location where you can relax and have good conversation. You will see that when you disperse, you and you partner will have so much to talk about and will end up feeling closer.

Have A Chocolate And Red Wine Night

There’s something undeniably sensuous about chocolate. This is because cocoa contains the compounds phenylethylamine and serotonin; two chemicals that light up pleasure areas in the brain. Alcohol is also known to induce feelings of excitement, so enjoy a glass of wine with a little dark chocolate for a sensuous treat. Remember to take wine in moderation, so as not to result in the opposite effect.

Exercise More

You might be thinking what the connection between exercise and your love life is, but studies have shown that working out has a lot of benefits, not only to the physical body but also to our love life. Exercise is known to release some “feel-good” chemicals to the brain and sends the blood racing. This method is a subtle and indirect but also very useful. Being fit and toned also means that you will be in a good mood and look good when next you see your partner.

Pitch In

This tip is most useful for married couples. As it is the custom in many cultures, women are the ones who bear the burden when it comes to household chores. But studies have shown that men who pitch in when it comes to housework and child care have better relationships/marriages than men who don’t. Even if it’s a chore as simple as dusting or packing the kids’ lunches, this little effort will go a long way. When women feel valued they become more connected to their partners and tend to give more hence, the relationship improves.

Communicate Via Your Phone

Sure most of us already do this but what we mean is even when you are in the same room, instead of talking, you could send messages to each other through your phone. This will end up turning into a game and will result in lots of laughter.

Be Filled With Surprises

Everyone loves a pleasant surprise, and what could be more enjoyable than a surprise from your partner. This does not necessarily apply to gifts alone; leaving love notes in odd places, secret dinners, unexpected outings/trips, breakfast in bed, love message on the radio… the list is endless. When you positively surprise your spouse, they will know that you have been thinking about them and this will sure ignite sparks.

Try out these tips and you will not be far from getting things back to the way they were at the beginning. But always remember that when it comes to spicing things up, it is always important to respect the needs and opinions of your partner.

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