I Was Offered $2m to Leave Nigeria And Stop Disturbing This Government – Deji Adeyanju

Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, has claimed that he was offered $2m to leave Nigeria and stop disturbing the ruling government.

He revealed this while featuring on Fireworks, a programme produced by TVC monitored by iDONSABI.

“If I tell you that I have been offered 2m dollars to leave Nigeria, travel abroad, and atop disturbing this government, you will rarely believe it.

“If I tell you that I have been offered… I should bring on of my in-laws so that will be given an appointment so that I will be taken care of, will you believe me? No, you will not.

“Look at what just happened in the Bayelsa election. There are insinuations that the former president compromised and struck a deal with the APC. So, almost everybody has a price in Nigeria, but it doesn’t mean that it is everybody that has a price.”

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He further stated that he doesn’t have a price, and that is what has kept him going.

“I don’t have a price, and they know it. Let me tell you something, the former DG of SSS said the only reason they have not finished me is that I don’t take money. If iImake money, they would have finished me since. You can verify all these things we say.

“You see, let me tell you something, conviction drives us,” he stated.

When asked how he sustains himself financially besides activism, e said he is a businessman.

“I do buying and selling a lot. There is a supply chain from Sokoto of perishable items I do and I have been doing it now for almost about seven years.

Speaking on his activism, he also said he inherited a filling station from his late father, and he also expressed his surprise that popular entertainer Charley Boy compromised.

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“If they had told me that Charley Boy would collect money when me his comrade was in prison in Kano, would you have believed? How does it even sound to the ear? That, throughout my duration of stay in prison, Charley Boy could barely condemn my detention.”

He reiterated that he will not have a price now, tomorrow, and neither in the future.

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